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“Thank you for joining us at

Leimert Park’s First Annual Father Daughter Dinner

and Art Show, “Daddy’s Girl”.
We hope that your time with us builds a memory

and a bond that will last a lifetime.
Stay connected!" 

John Meyers, "Daughters"

"Daddy's Girl"  Entertainment





Justin Shaw


Combining soulful warmth with a smooth melodic voice. Jus sings his way into the heart of anyone who has the chance to listen. You can go to his Webpage at Or search his music on iTunes searching JUS (all caps). 

African Drum, Dance, Music and Poetry





Anani Culture

African Drum, Dance, Music and Poetry


With a strong foundation Anani has successfully pursued the mission of education and preservation of Traditional Folkloric African Drumming, Dance and Music from throughout the Diaspora with a focus on West Africa. 

"Hello America" (skit)
"I'm Glad You Stayed" (skit)
"I'm Glad You Stayed" (skit)





Brandon Rainey Production 

Aaron and Freddie opened on a regular basis for many of the giants and legends of show business such as Sammy Davis Jr., Ray Charles, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Dionne Warwick, The Temptations, Jerry Lewis and many more.  Aaron has performed in all of the top casinos, hotels, and clubs coast to coast as well as internationally. The first big break was when the Smothers Brothers took him to New York and Harry Belafonte presented him on the TONIGHT SHOW. That night was very memorable for many reasons.  Fondly Aaron remembers he was approached backstage by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who talked to him about ventriloquism.


During his entertainment career Aaron joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department and soon reached a new popularity with his Deputy Freddie along with a new friend Sergeant McGruff.  The team spread the anti-drug and anti-gang messages throughout the schools and across the nation in person and on television.  His efforts and accomplishments were recognized with many awards.


Aaron is a master ventriloquist and impressionist. Watching a performance it soon becomes unbelievable that Freddie is not real.  Aaron's skill is so perfected that the conversations between Freddie and Aaron at some points sound like they are both speaking at the same time.  If you are looking for superb entertainment, then you are looking for Aaron and  Freddie. In a class of their own, clean and funny, and available to perform in most any venue.






Aaron Williams – Ventriloquist 

Story Teller/Children's Author, "Dry Rivah"
My wonderful son!!!
Trumpet Performance

Saskia Garel


Jamaican born Saskia Garel is a singer/songwriter, actress, artist and now Children's Book author. She has written a series of 11 books entitled The Adventures of Datty Mac inspired by the stories her grandmother used to tell her about life in rural Jamaica. 

Clarence Mc Duffie III, Age 7


Clarence has been instructed by Mr. Fernando Pullum beginning at age 4.  He enjoys playing his trumpet and writing his own music.  Clarence is very talented and does not shy away from an audience.

"Daddy Did You Know?"  -written by Maria Elena Cruz
She sang "Daddy Did You Know" powerfully!!!

Dejah Gomez, native of Chicago’s Rogers Park was birthed and raised by music. Raised by a single father and full time musician, her father played bass and performed around town with his Reggae Band ‘STERIO.’ Michael Cattouse, known as “Kool Cat” banded his brothers and friends to bless the world with sweet rhythms and grooves of sweet REGGAE. Sterio consisted of Dejah’s Uncle Greg on lead vox and Uncle Steve on drums, Randy Hardy on guitar andBryan Johnson on vox as rapper.

Dejah would travel with her siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandmother to her father’s gigs as they would pile into her Uncle Greg’s music van while jamming to his favorite reggae mix tapes. Sterio would gig at hotels, private beach homes and night clubs, but that would end all too quickly or at least in the eyes of a child..


Dejah witnessed the struggles her father faced as a single parent and as a musician. She witnessed his heart and passion for music slowly shrink day by day. Financially he was forced to work a ‘real job’ in the ‘real world’ to support his family. Dejah hopes to inspire her father to find his smile again, to get his Koolback by way of her music and career. “My dad would always say we were poor.. I would respond, ‘NO. Dad, we have this and we have that..’ I refused to accept poor as my identity or as a mentality. Yea, we didn’t have much like others, but we had MUSIC.. we had apple trees and caterpillars in the backyard, we were surrounded by GREEN & NATURE, how could we be poor? As a child I would always stare out of our garden apartment windows, what I knew to be the basement, and I would look at the roots of the trees and bushes that surrounded our home. I would look into the soil not knowing why my eyes were fascinated by dirt. Deep down inside, I knew it held magical powers, it was so much more than ‘dirt.’ I would wake and sleep to the smell of soil, trees and roots. I loved when it rained and would run outside to play with worms, lol. I was a nature girl.. I wasn’t nearly poor. All of my needs were met, in my mind I was wealthy. I was filled with abundant love, that which NATURE provided.. she was my mother. When I was motherless, nature raised me alongside my father. Nature mothered this motherless child. And so it is, Music & Nature birthed, loved, raised, nurtured and nourished me.. they still do to this very day. Now it is my responsibility to pass these rich lessons that groomed, protected and kept me, to my children, for these lessons of LOVE & MUSIC will never grow old, they are the beginning and the end.”


Despite her abundant success as a vocalist, actress and mother, having traveled the world gracing universal stages supporting and accompanying legends and icons such as Mr. Stevie Wonder, Marvin Hamlisch, Chris Botti, Michael Bolton, Rickey Minor, Glen Campbell, The Band Perry, Blake Shelton, Faith Hill, Jennifer Hudson, Diddy Dirty Money, Evangelist Judith McAllister, Justin Timberlake, Al Green, Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Jessica Simpson, Clint Black, Disney’s Broadway Musical ‘The Lion King,’ sharing her gift, seeing and touching lands near and far, Dejah’s bounty, bliss and beauty lie in the hands, hearts and eyes of the most precious gifts God could ever bless woman to bear and birth, her children, Prince Jordan and Princess Leia. She now carries on her father’s legacy of being that which we are ~ LOVE & MUSIC.







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