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Our Story


Dial Art began in March, 2010 when Maria Elena Cruz moved into the Leimert Park Community.  As an emerging artist with two children, she began to search for opportunity to begin an artwalk utilizing the vacant spaces in the neighborhood.  Maria's quest led her to Ben Caldwell's incubator meeting where the group began to expand upon the idea of the Art Walk and incorporating the popular drum circle that congregates every Sunday in the park.



While listening to drums on Sunday, Maria began to envision painting with her children in the park and the idea quickly evolved into exploring how the community would embrace the invitation to participate with her and her children.  She had a garage filled with art materials that would be wasted if she did not put them to good use. The following Sunday, Maria began what she called, "The Pulse Project" while launching Leimert Park's first Art Walk with Ben Caldwell and other participants of the incubator meeting.

Since then, Maria has served the community and began other services such as, Healing HeARTs and seasonal art camps that she started out of her home.  It was during one of the most challenging moments of Maria's life that she began this quest to form Dial Art, "A call to empower, enrich and serve the communities through art."



To learn more about Maria Elena Cruz and her art, visit:






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